Animal Perception and Literary Language, Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature

Animal Perception and Literary Language 

This book shows that the perceptual content of reading and writing derives from our embodied minds. The being that tracks physical and mental movement in sentences is us, humans evolved from animals. After Chapter I specifies terms and questions in animal philosophy, and Chapter II surveys recent work on perception, the middle Chapter (III, IV) of the book describe attributes of multispecies thinking and define a tradition of writers in this lineage. Finally in Chapter V literature comes into full focus with readings of 12 works of many types.  Overall, Donald Wesling's book offers not a new method of literary criticism, but a reveal of what we all do with perceptual content when we read. 

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Women in Charge: Stories, Amazon Kindle: 2012

Women in Charge: Stories

The women in these seven stories include American and Etruscan mothers of first-born sons, the leader of a politically divided erotic commune in a New York City brownstone, and Sally Mary in a quiet war to control her days as she's dying in a rehab home.

Novelist Kim Stanley Robinson says: "There is a verve and snap in Wesling's sentences that make each page in this book a joy to read.  The stories are compressed, startling, funny, insightful, and tell us things about women in charge which give the book as a whole great heft and force.  A true literary pleasure."

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